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Monday, January 31, 2011

Self Love & Valentine's Day....Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed
Life Coach

Check out my Self Love Challenge at the end of article.

February month and Love is all around…or is it?

February has been designated as the month to tell those we love just how much we love them. It is a big sales time for chocolates, cards and frilly clothes. Red is everywhere.

Love is an abstract. We can’t actually see love, what we see is the external actions of Love. So as humans we need a reference point to know where love comes from. We are told or we have come to understand that love comes from our heart. So the Heart symbol gets lots of media attention during February…Valentine’s Day.

Building on this, heart & stroke associations work to get their message out about heart health.

Is there a connection between love and heart-health ?

I believe there is.

Loving Self leads to a healthy heart.

The most important Love to focus on is Love of Self. If we don’t love our self we can’t possibly love someone else. Loving self, accepting self, nurturing self are necessary for a healthy self and a healthy heart.

1. If we don’t love our self we are filled with self hate which leads to Stress.

2. If we don’t accept our self we filled with self doubt which leads to more Stress.

3. If we don’t nurture our self we will suffer from lack of sleep and nutrition which also causes a Stress.

Stress can cause high blood pressure and heightened levels of cholesterol.Therefore lack of Self Love will cause physical Heart problems. So yes Self Love will keep you healthy.

Let’s start this month with a big heaping of Self Love.

What are you going to do to Love yourself today?

I invite you to make a list of how you will Self Love. It would be neat to create a list, here on the Blog, of your Self Love activities for everyone else to see. No names included, unless you say so. Please email me and I will begin the Blog List. Share this Blog with friends and family so they can join in.

 Let's start a Self Love Challenge.

My email
Have a Self Loving day. You deserve it.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Motivation and Success.....Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

As you begin this first week of February, 2011 here are some Questions/Quotes and thoughts that you might choose to use to help get the most out of your week and get you closer to your Goal or what you want to achieve.

Remember, Action is necessary for Success.

Dreaming will not bring you success. You need to get moving. You need to create the appropriate Actions that will lead you to your Goal.

A favorite quote of mine is

Talk doesn’t cook rice. Chinese Proverb

Such a practical thought to consider. Another favorite Quote of mine is from the character, Yoda, Star Wars:

Do or do not; there is no try.

And another Quote I use:

The beginning is half of every Action. Greek proverb.

The following questions are taken form by book Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions, available on Amazon.

You may be thinking now, a month of this year is gone and I haven’t achieved what I want to achieve this month. That’s okay. Don’t dwell on the negative piece of this. Instead, ask yourself these questions and stay focused.

Life Coaching Activities & Powerful/Questions

1. How do I choose to be this week? Successful or Not.

2. What one thing can I do today to get closer to my goal?

3. What is the very first small step I have to take to make that happen?

4. Do I really want to reach that goal? Be honest with yourself.

5. Now, what is the next thing I must do to keep me moving?

I invite you to use any Quotes I post, make them yours. Print them and Post them where you can see them daily.

They can act as a reminder or an inspiration for your Actions.

Ask yourself these questions everyday this week. Note your responses.

Create a reminder for you.

Stick with it.

Review and reassess on Friday.

Have an successful week!

Coach Phyllis

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed
Life Coach

I am very pleased to announce that my new book Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions is now available on Amazon and will soon be in Kindle format. This book is a practical workbook for all involved in the personal development of themselves and others.

Success & Your Mindset...Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

How do you choose to be today?

Is Your Mindset one of Success?

Did you know when you awoke this morning, you choose how your day would be?

This is true. You choose to happy or not. You choose to productive or not. You choose to be successful or not. You choose to be healthy or not, and on and on.

Sure things will happen that you didn’t plan; the alarm didn't work, the bus came  late, car won’t start, traffic will be heavy, snow covered roads will slow you down. These can make for a very frustrating ride to work or maybe not. It will depend on your Mindset.

Your mindset consists of your beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about the world.
Mind set is like a pair of eye glasses that create your view of the world.
Mind set influences how you react and respond to others and events in our life.

Norman Peale said:

“Change your thinking and you’ll change your world.”

Life Coaching Avtivities & Powerful Questions

What you think influences what you believe.
What you believe influences or determines your actions.
Therefore, how you think is crucial to your success.

How do you choose to be today?

Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

1. Is your glass half full or half empty?

2. Is it a great day or an ok day?
 3. Are you full of hope or fear?
 4. Do you believe in yourself or are you filled with self-doubt?

5. Check a mirror, are you smiling or frowning?

You get to Choose. That's great news. You have full control over your Day.....Make it the best day it can be!!!

BTW, you won't get this one back.

Have a great one.

Coach Phyllis

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need Motivation? Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed
Life Coach

   What is the very Next Step?

It’s January 26th, 2011. How are you doing with that Resolution you made?

Have you created a plan for yourself but just can't seem to get moving?

Finding yourself pulled into a parking spot along life’s highway? If so take a break, pull back out and continue along the way.

The following are Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions that I use with my clients. Hope they help you.

The Mighty List

Have a list of things to do at home or at work?

Feeling confused as to where to start?

Take a few minutes,

Take a pencil & paper and prioritize that list.

Focus on the item listed as # 1.

Next Step

Ask yourself what is the very next action you have to take to make this goal/task happen?

Look closely at how you have defined that Next Step. Can this Next Step be expressed in smaller action steps.

Are there resources you need in place to help you achieve this goal. List them.

Time Frame

Now set a time to start this next step, date& time. Write this down and keep where you can see.


Reminders are key. Create a reminder for that next step. A favorite symbol, stuffed toy or quote.


Reward yourself when you accomplish tasks. You deserve it!

Make sure you Persist. Stay with it. If this is something you really want, mak it happen.

Have  a great day.

Coach Phyllis

Monday, January 24, 2011

Excellent Book for Life Coaches Know Yourself

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

If you are looking for a book that can help you work better with your Coaching clients...this is it.

This book by Jim Cathcart, so resonated with me. I guess books and people are like that, aren't they? The content and presentation style were comforatble and real, and spoke to me.

If you are a Life Coach this is indeed a great read for you.

If you are looking for Success in Life and will find some answers here.

The Acorn Principle: Know Yourself, Grow Yourself

Love to hear your comments.

Coach Phyllis

Helping your Child Plan.........Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Back in September 2010, I wrote a Blog for Parents to help them with back to school planning. Now as  new semester and a new year begins I am attaching a link to that Blog. Hope it is of help to you and your child.

Planning is key to a successful action.

I welcome your comments & questions.

Have a great day Mom/Dad.

Coach Phyllis 

Do You Want Increased Success in 2011? Life Coaching Activities/Questions

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

We all want success in our life and work. We want to be good at what we do. Each and everyone one of us, whether we are CEO of a multinational business, solopreneur, parent, high school student , wants to feel good at the end of the day.

Did you know that the more Self Aware you are the greater chance you have for success in life?

But what is it to be Self Aware?

Think about this

How well do you know your own home, apartment or living space? Do you know where most things are?

How well do you know the building or office you work in? No trouble finding your way around?

How well do you know your city or town? Need a map to get to the gym or grocery store?


Now how well do you know you?

What’s your personal blueprint?

Life is fantastic. But to have a fantastic life you need to know You.

Here are some Life Coaching Questions to start you thinking about You

How well do you know you.

1. How do you like to work?

2. What are your strengths?

3. How do you perceive co workers? Family?

4. How do they see you?

5. How do you communicate?

6. What is your daily Mindset?

7. How much learning do you do each day?

8. How did you choose to be today?

Life is fantastic. But to have a fantastic life you need to know You.

How well do you know you? Check out more of my Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

Take time to know you. If you have any questions, plaese email me

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joomla! helps those who help themselves.

By Lillian Fidler
Guest Blogger

Joomla! helps those who help themselves.

The name 'Joomla' is derived from the Swahili word 'Jumla', which means 'all together'. The name is appropriate because that's how this powerful web technology was developed – by a worldwide community of like-minded developers with a common goal. Together they developed what is today one of the most powerful 'free' Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet. The Joomla! Community now has over 200,000 users, developers and contributors and currently powers 2.6% of the web. Companies such as MTV, Ikea, Harvard and Citibank use Joomla! to power their sites.

The emergence of powerful, flexible, Open Source Content Management Systems like Joomla! is truly a revolution in web technology. This system is more than just a web development tool, it's also a business tool. With Joomla! You have access to thousands of add-on features such as e-commerce, social networking, blogging, multimedia, forms, maps, calendars, rss, to name but a few. The Joomla! Content Management System not only allows you to easily edit your content and add photos, you can generate reports, keep track of subscribers, send newsletters, setup complex shopping carts and much, much more. You can also have a site which is search engine friendly, works across all browsers and is multilingual. The list of what this technology can do just goes on and on.

With a vibrant volunteer community, user-friendly features and plenty of power, Joomla! is perfect for any site!

Who uses it?

Joomla! is used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate websites. Here are just some of the ways this award winning CMS solution is used:

- corporate and small business websites

- online ecommerce

- real estate websites

- school and church websites

- non-profit organizational sites

- hotel and tourism websites

- newspapers and magazines

The following are some great reasons to use Joomla!:

It's Open-source

If your company or organization hires a third party Joomla! developer or builds in-house software using the Joomla! framework, you are building on an open platform that does not tie you to any one design company, developer or to a proprietary, closed application. You own your site and can develop it further with anyone you choose.

Staying Power

Your site will stay fresh. You will not have to design a whole new website every few years. If you choose to change to look and feel of the site, you can do so easily but still maintain your current functionality and retain your content. As new web technologies are introduced down the road, they will be available for you to easily plug in to your site. No need to hire a programmer.

Easy to Maintain:

Once Joomla! is installed and running, it is simple for even non-technical users to add or edit content, update images, and to manage the critical data that makes your company or organization effective. Anybody with basic word processing skills can easily learn to manage a Joomla! Site.

Very Expandable:

The Joomla! system allows you to add extra functionality to your website including things like calendars, blogs, Google maps, social networking applications, forms and shopping carts. Joomla! offers an awesome amount of extensions that currently numbers around 7000.

Widely Used

Joomla!'s 200,000+ community users and developers and it's popularity means that there is a vast amount of online technical support available.

Search Engine Friendly:

- CMS offers the best platform to develop sites that meet all the SEO requirements.

- HTML layout is well formed with no nestled tables, making it easy to read for crawlers.

- URL's are extremely Search engine friendly.

- Meta keywords can be defined at a global level (across the site) and also at page level.

So, now that you know the power of Joomla! You might be thinking to yourself “how do I implement it?”

Anyone can download and install Joomla! It is free open source software. You will need some basic knowledge of web design and there is quite a steep learning curve. To begin with, I would recommend having a professional Joomla! web designer create a site to your specifications. A professional designer will create a look and feel to suit your business, implement all of the functionality that you desire and train you and your staff in it's use and expandability. You will then be well on your way to getting the most out of your Joomla! site.

So, help yourself to Joomla! And get Joomla! helping you.

 - Lillian Fidler

Lillian Fidler Multimedia is a web development, graphic design and video production company. We have been using Joomla! for 4 years to create websites for large and small businesses, government, non-profit organizations and the arts community.

To view our online portfolio and for more information, please visit

Please contact us for further information or to get started with your Joomla! Site.

For more information about Joomla! go to

Monday, January 17, 2011

How Will You use Your Minutes? Achieving Success in 2011 with Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed
Life Coach

         2011 is now 17 days old

         Have you started on your 2011 Plan?

Maybe you slipped in the past 17 days. So what? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue on the way to your Goal.

Life Coaching Activities.

So often we wonder, just where time goes. Some days seem to fly by. The reality is, as you know, that everyday has exactly the same amount of time…24 hours. It is just that some days are busier than others or we fail to manage ourselves within an allotted time period.

Some food for thought as you re-group this Monday morning and refocus on your New Year Resolution or whatever you call the goal/project you have set for yourself this year.

As of today, January 17th, 2011 the approximate time remaining to accomplish your 2011 goal is:

Months: 11 ½

Weeks: 50

Days: 350

Hours: 8,400

Minutes: 504,000

So what can you do with a Half Million minutes? Try these Life Coaching Activities.

1. Revisit your Plan

2. Or write your Plan

3. Create time lines

4. Set completion dates

5. Persist!

How will you use your minutes?

The choice is your. Choose wisely!

Have a great day.

Coach Phyllis

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Enhance Communication with these Life Coaching Questions

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Life Coaching Questions to Enhance Communication

              What is communication?
                                                                          Does real communication happen?

George Bernard Shaw once said:

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Communication is key to success in all aspects of life and work. In all and every relationship, be that between husband/wife, partner/partner, parent/child, employer/employee, teacher/student and on the list goes on.

How we communicate effects life from family happiness and growth to the bottom line in business.

I have taken the following Life Coaching Questions from my book, Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions. Amazon 2010.

Life Coaching Activities and Powerful Questions: A Life Coaching Activities Workbook

Use them with your clients or in your day to day communication.

Question to Enhance your Communication

1. How well do you communicate your ideas to others?

2. Do you enjoy speaking?

3. What areas are you comfortable speaking about?

4. How do you feel when you speak about your favorite subject?

5. Do you need to increase your vocabulary?

6. Do you truly listen to others?

7. Are you a monologue waiting to happen?

Did you know that one of the best things you can do for another person is to listen to them, truely listen.

Decide today to listen a little harder to at least one person.

Have a great day and enjoy your communication.

Coach Phyllis

Monday, January 10, 2011

My First Video Blog....Life Coaching Activities & Powerful Questions

Life Coaching Activities and Powerful Questions: A Life Coaching Activities Workbook

If you are a  new life coach or have been coaching for awhile, this book will be a great resource. Check out the Activities & Powerful Questions.

Coach Phyllis Reardon

10 Life Coaching Tips for 2011 Resolution Success

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Welcome to the New Year!

This is my first Blog of the new year. I am just home after a wonderful two week holiday cruise in the Caribbean. I used some if this time to reflect, refresh my brain and prepare for 2011. Hope you had a restful holiday.

Life Coaching tips for a Successful 2011 Resolution

So the holidays are over, Christmas decorations are stored away and holiday pictures are displayed on your favorite social media site. Now the question:

How are you doing with your 2011 resolutuion?

In today’s blog I will offer you some tips to up your chances for success.

Tips to help you succeed with your 2011 Resolution

1. Write down on paper what it is you plan to achieve. What you resolve to do. Yes I said paper. You can always copy to a computer program.

2. Now look carefully at what you have written. How will you achieve this? What actions do you need to take to reach this goal?

3. What resources do you need in place? If it is to lose weight, do you need new walking shoes; do you need to join a gym; do you need to talk to your doctor?

4. Keep that paper and pencil handy. Now that you have listed the resolution or goal you want to achieve make a list of Action Steps needed to get you to where you want to be.

5. Take each Action Step and break it down into smaller Action Steps.

6. Assign a time line to each of you Action Steps.

7. Hold yourself accountable. Post these Action Steps where you can see them throughout your day.

8. Reward yourself on the completion of each Action. If losing weight is your Goal, make sure the reward doesn’t have too many calories.

9. Persist. Persist. Persist.

10. Reward yourself.

Remember, there will be times when you will hit a bump in the road, slow down but do continue. Don't take your stumbles as an excuse to give up.

If you have any questions please email me.

Have a successful day.

Coach Phyllis