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Monday, October 15, 2012

Perception Is Not 20/20

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Isn’t perception an interesting thing? 
Have you ever been with a friend and you see something in the distance and you are convinced that it is one object but your friend is 100% sure it is something completely different. Now you are both operating with 20/20 vision But your Perception has been formed by differing experiences and this greatly impacts your view of the world.

When you meet someone new or are working with a new client it is very important to understand three things about Perception.

1. Your perception of Life and the world may be different from your client’s.

2. Your client’s Perception may not match what you expect.

3. Everyone’s Perception can be Changed.

Perception or should I say a broadened Perception is necessary for bringing about Change in life.

I have the following quote by Marcel Proust framed and hanging above my desk so I am reminded daily of the need for new outlook both for me and my clients.

 “The real act of discovery is not in finding new lands but in seeing with a new set of eyes."                                                                                                                                      Proust

How you perceive yourself and how you perceive others influences every aspect of your life from work to parenting to relationships. It is an important part of life success.
Life Coaching Questions for Perception Change 
Write out the answers to each of these questions. This exercise will help you self reflect and become more aware.

1. What change do you need to make in the way you see the world?

2. Are you open to change?

3. How do you see other people?

4. What one thing can you do differently tomorrow?
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Have a great day and remember to check your Perception.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving in Canada....Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

This is a reprint of an article I wrote 2 years ago. Happy Thanksgiving! Please share.

Although many of the First Nations in Canada had a long tradition of celebrating the harvest and giving thanks this time of year, the very first formally recognized Thanksgiving Day began with Martin Frobisher.

Frobisher and his crew had been trying to find a northern passage to the Pacific Ocean and to celebrate a safe return from that search Frobisher celebrated with a Thanksgiving celebration.

In the year of 1578 he held a formal Thanksgiving celebration in Newfoundland. This was one of the first Thanksgiving Days held in Canada.

You may not have taken on something as risky to personal safety as a search for the Northwest Passage but life can get very challenging at times and it can be difficult to see the positives or reasons to be thankful.

There exist as of recent years a full body of research based on Positive psychology; the basis of which states that the more positive one is the higher your degree of life satisfaction and the greater your wellbeing.

To me giving thanks, or let’s say, finding reasons to give thanks can be tied closely to Positive psychology…so why not give positive...benefit greatly from this mind set.

Life Coaching Activities for Thanksgiving

1. If you don’t already have one, create a gratitude list. At the end of each day note at least one thing for which you can say thanks or be grateful.

2. This weekend or sometime this week email, phone or a drop a note to someone, possibly from your past, who was a help to you in your career or life. Won’t they be surprised! They may even copy your actions.

3. Daily, give a recognition to those at work or in your life who are integral to your success but sometimes are taken for granted.

4. Become aware of your personal health and abilities and give a thanks to yourself for all that you have accomplished.

5. Create a Focus of Gratitude. It creates a Positive energy and flow and benefits you and everyone around you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Positive Thoughts on Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

So many times in our life and on a daily basis we focus on our problems…
We hear it all around us….the woos and worries of the world I call it. Complaints about everything from the weather, traffic congestion, cost of gas, teenagers, you name it and there is a complaint.
It is like a moan and groan epidemic.

Did you know that moaning and groaning are not good for your health?
Did you know that your thoughts direct your behavior?
Did you know that your thoughts influence your health?
Did you know that you become what you think?

Each and every one of these complaints results in:

 1.Negative thoughts

2. Negative thoughts create negative emotions in every cell in your body

3. Negative emotions cause these cells to become ill at ease or dis-eased

4. Therefore your Complaints cause you to become sick.

 Think about it! The Woos lead you to both physical and emotional dis-ease. You have a choice. Choose to let go of the complaints. Switch your Focus to all the Positives you have going on. They are there, take time to look.

Here is a Positive Thinking Activity for You 
1. At the end of the day reflect on all of your negative words.
2. Write them down on paper.
3. Now rewrite them in a positive reframe.
4. Daily be conscious of the words you use and before they leave your mouth try a  positive spin or reframe.
5. Check your mood as you use these positive reframes. Notice a shift?

 My Mother always said, ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’.
Try to incorporate that thought into your everyday language…your body will thank you for it!!

Have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving!!!
Stay Positive!

 Phyllis Reardon is a Life Coach and can be reached at