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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Google...What Have You Googled in 12 Years? My Google Short List

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Wow, Google celebrated its 12 birthday this week....only 12 years old and such an impact on the world.

This got me thinking about all the Googling I have done and the range of topics I have explored.... from receipes to wedding protocol; from skin care to medical answers. Google was there for me.

What did I do 13 years ago? How did I find my answers?

Google has given us the immediacy that has for ever changed our lives.

My short list would look something like this.

1. Baked beans
2. Enlarged uterus
3. Christmas wreath
4. Mother-in-Laws
5. Travel in Italy
6. Skin care
7. Life Coaching
8. World cruising
9. E Book creation
10.Tampa Bay Lightening
12.Gifts for 3 year olds
13. Book lists
14. Hurricanes
15. Mother of the bride dress
16. Mother of the groom dress
17. Slow cookers
18. WiFi
19. Poems

What's your Google list?

Happy Googling and have a great day.

Coach Phyllis

Monday, September 20, 2010

Life Coaching Questions Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

It's mid September, just another 4 days of summer, according to the calendar; do you have your plans in place for the Fall?

Today I offer you some Life Coaching Questions to help you direct your actions and set up a Fall Life Plan.

Purchase a Fall Planning Book....a note book from a local discount store or a fancy journal, you decide but make sure you have some sort of planner.

Copy the questions I have listed below into your planner.

Take time to answer each one and act up on them.

Life Coaching Planning Questions

1. What do you want to do this Fall?

2. What kind of plan do you need to put in place?

3. What is the best way to make this happen for you?

4. What resources (money/time/help)do you need to make this happen?

5. What's your first step?

6. What do you have in place to keep you moving forward?

Make your plan. Stay with it. Revisit.Persist.Revisit and Persist some more.

Coach Phyllis

If you would like more info please contact me.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Physically Active is Your Child? Health Crisis in Canada

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

We are facing a health crisis in Canada and it is in our control to change this.

Why aren't we doing it?

I never fail to be amazed by the neglect we are seeing towards young children. Now I know parents may be upset by this as they think they are giving their children everything they need....everything they didn't have.

Have you been to a mall or school lately?

The numbers of over weight children, moving along like some elderly person, is overwhelming.

How healthy will they be when they are 30...40?

The following are stats supplied by Participaction Canada:

1. Only 12% of Canadian children and youth are meeting Canada’s physical activity guidelines of 90 minutes per day.

2. Today's Canadian children and youth are heavier, fatter, rounder and weaker than they were a generation ago.

3. Childhood obesity in Canada has tripled over the past three decades.

3. According to the Canadian Health Measures Survey, 17% of Canadian children and youth are overweight and an additional 9% are obese.

4. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that, for the first time in history, our children's lifespan could be 2-5 years less than our own.

5. Canadian kids are spending six hours a day in front of television, video game and computer screens - over the course of a week, that is as much time as their parents spend at work.

6. Sport participation rates in Canadian youth aged 15-18 declined from 77% in 1992 to 59% in 2005.

In the interest of our next generation let's start making a change.

Get moving and Give up that processed food.

Make you fitness Plan!!!!

Coach Phyllis

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So you want to be a Life Coach? Now What? Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Welcome to one of the fastest growing professions in the world.

Not everyone is clear yet on just what is life coaching. As you become a Life Coach make sure that when you are asked this question you have a concise and consistent answer.

Twenty years maybe even 15 years ago, most people were unclear on just what a Personal Trainer was and now in 2010 everybody has one.

I am predicting this is how it will be with life coaching in the near future.

The process of Life Coaching that I use consists of a set of skills that if understood, practiced and used daily will enhance not only our lives but those whom we interact with at work and in life.

These skills consist of:

Success Strategies
Strategic Planning
Self Belief
Mind Set
Work/Life Balance
Personal Strengths
Positive Mental Attitude

Life is not simple nor is it easy. We need knowledge and support along the way to achieve to our full potential. There are so many parts to life, both physical and emotional that we can’t be expected at an early age to know how each and everyone operates and how we can get the most from them.

For more information on Life Caoching and Life Caoching Activities contact me

Have a great day.
Coach Phyllis

Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Fit...Have You Got a Plan?...Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon

"Things rarely get stuck because of lack of time. They get stuck because the doing of them has not been defined"
David Allen

David Allen is an expert in getting things done.

You can be too!

It is all about Planning.

It is mid September again. That time of year when we store away the summer clothes and toys and our thoughts turn to fall activities.

Among the most programs.

I once taught a fitness class at a YMCA and was delighted each mid September to find my class filled with enthusiastic people. But inevitably by the end of the month my numbers shrank and by the end of Oct I had but a core group.

They were enthusiastic in the beginning. They had all the latest gym gear. They paid their money so they themselves must have made the decision to get fit.

What happened?

Years later, I realize that there has to be more than a desire to get fit, one most plan to get fit.

Whatever our goal in life....Planning is key to success.

If you are checking out fitness programs this fall, make sure you have a Plan to Succeed; if not you're wasting your money!

Have a great September 13th.

Coach Phyllis

Phyllis Readon M.Ed.
Life Caoch
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

FREE E - Book...Building Self Confidence Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

FREE E - Book...Building Self Confidence Life Coaching Activities

Get your Free copy of my E Book...Building Self Confidence.

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I have used these life coaching activities with many of my clients. Try them out. Share them with friends and family.

Make them a habit and Build your Self Confidence.

Coach Phyllis

Happy Grandparents' Day...... Life Coaching Activites

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

Happy Grandparents' Day! Life Coaching Activities

National Grandparents' Day originated with Marian McQuade, a housewife in West Virginia.

Her motivation to create this day came from a need she saw in the lonely elderly in nursing homes. By creating Grandparents' Day she hoped to get grandchildren to spend more time with their grandparents.

In 1978, National Grandparents' Day was proclaimed to be celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Life Coaching Activities for Time and Contact with Grandparents

1. Create a Blog so Grandparents can follow what you and your children are doing.

2. Do quick updates weekly.

3. Upload pictures.

4. Have grandchildren draw cards for Grandparents and send by regular mail.

5. Send e-cards to Grandparents.

6. Set aside a time to make a phone call, at least once a month, to update them on what is happening in your life.

7. Use Skype to keep in contact. Let Grandparents see the children grow.

8. Get Grandparents involved. Have them write up their favorite family recipes.

Just a minute or two of your time will make a great difference in your Grandparent's lives and add to the value of your life.

Have a great day!

Coach Phyllis

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Where were you?

Phyllis Reardon

There are some events that will stay with us forever.

People of my vintage will never forget where they were on Nov 22nd 1963...JFK lost his was a rainy Friday in my city and...

Days like that stay with us. They can change our lives. They can change the way we perceive the world.

September 11th, 2001 is a day that no one will ever forget. We were terrified, confused, bewildered....what was happening?...were the scenes unfolding in front of us on our TVs for real?

Today, 2010, our thoughts go to the people who lost their lives and to the families they left behind. We will remember them in our own special way.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School Help - Know How to Plan- Parent Life Coaching Activies

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

It's the first week of back to school, a great time to start some good habits. Start with Planning! I offer Life Coaching Activities.

Crucial to school success is Planning....real planning that will be consistent and persistent.

How ever your child plans, whatever they use for planning, make sure they plan.

Some ways that students use to plan are:

1. Day planner

2. Cell phone

3. Wall calendar

4. Desk calandar

5. To Do list

6. Online planner

All of these will work but only if the information is enetered and follow up takes place. Make sure your son/daughter develops the Planning habit early in the school year. The benefits are fantastic.

Life Coaching Activities to build Planning skills

1. Asking which form of planning they prefer.

2. Have them set up their first week.

3. Suggest they set aside a regular time on Sundays to revise and rewrite their plan.

4. Hold them accountable by checking in to see if indeed they are following their set plan.

5.Reward and acknowledge their planning success.

For more information on Parent Life Coaching Activities, contact me:

Coach Phyllis

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parents Learn to Listen and Focus Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Rearon
Life Coach

As your son/daughter begins the new school year they will be faced with many new pieces of information that may cause them some worry. They will want to talk to you about this but may not alawys be able to express their concerns clearly. When you come home after a long day at work it may be difficult to focus on what you child is saying. You may indeed listen but are you really hearing what is said?

Try This Life Coaching Activity:

One - On - One Time

1. Practice patience with them.

2. Set aside time to be with your child, away from TV's and video games.

3. Ask how their day was and really listen to their answers.

4. Ask about their days activities, both school and play.

5. Ask about friends,old and new. Remember these names.

6. Ask about school homework and projects. Follow up later in the week.

This simple exercise can keep you in touch with your child and create a routine that will carry over to their teenage years.

Phyllis Reardon
Coach Phyllis

Need Help With Scence or Math? Science Activities for Children Parents/ Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

Science and Math can be fun.

Fun for kids creates interest.

Interest in a subject area can lead to better performance in school.

I have compiled a list of some Science sites that may help create interest for your son/daughter/student.

Let me know what you think. Enjoy the new school year.

Coach Phyllis
Phyllis Reardon

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day 2010 Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

Labour Day for most of us is a holiday, a long weekend before school begins. For me, having four children, it was a busy weekend preparing for the first semester of school.

Labour Day in the US and Canada

Labour Day in the US and Canada began in the early 1880s, having its origin in the labour unions. It was a day set aside to recognize the work of labour groups. It has in recent times become recognized for honoring the contributions of all workers.

Work Evolves

If we were to look closely at how work has evolved over the centuries we would see it move from agricultural base, to industrial and now to a knowledge based economy. Brawn has been replaced by brain as prerequisites for most work today in the 2010s. Think about it, most places of work now have some form of computer in the work place. Knowledge is key.

Work is essential to life

In our society work defines just how productive you are as a member of this group. Isn’t it so true that when you meet someone for the first time one of the first questions you are asked is, ‘so what do you do?’ meaning what is your line of work.

All Work is Valuable

All work and workers add value to our life. I have often met women who say, ‘I’m just a ……’. Whatever. They are not placing value on their work in life. All work is valuable. As workers we need to see the value in what each of us offer.

Give that some thought.

List the value you add by your work.

Whatever your work, enjoy this day and celebrate your contribution to the world.

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

Life Coaching/ Career Coaching LinkedIn

The global market is up on us and more and more we have opportunities to connect with business colleagues thoughout the world. On a daily basis I use LinkedIn for my business. To me it is the ulimate network event. I am including Part 4 of a five part series.

Hope you join us on LinkedIn. Please check out the other articles.

Cut and paste.

Check out my LinkedIn site.

Phyllis Reardon

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Building Self Confidence. Life Coaching Activities

Questions to Build Self Confidence

How strong is your Self Confidence?

Is your Self Confidence stronger in some situations than others?

Life Coaching Activity.

1. Think of all of the areas in your life and work. Think of all the different roles you play in life and work, or hats you wear.

2. List them; ie professional assistant, manager, mother/father, son/daughter, sister/brother, friend, aunt, wife/husband, niece/nephew, golfer,fitness instructor, and on and on.

3. Next to each, rate your level of Self Confidence on a scale from 1-10. Ten being a high level of Self Confidence.

Are you higher in some than others?

What creates this higher Self Confidence in some areas?

How can you build a strong Self Confidence in each area?

Food for thought!

Have a great day!

For more information contact me:
Phyllis Reardon

Job Tools. Networking. Let LinkedIn Help.

Looking for new ways to connect the job market?
Do you have a LinkedIn account?
Do you know how LinkedIn can enhance your resume?

Check out this five part series which focuses on LinkedIn as a Job Tool.

As a member of an expert panel of three, I had the opportunity to contribute life coaching activities to this series on LinkedIn as a job tool.

Cut and paste url and

Check out all 5 parts.

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach