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Monday, December 28, 2009

A Blue Moon Welcomes the New Year...New Decade...What Could This Mean To Your Life? Life Coaching Activities Thoughts

Three days to the New Year. Blue Moons. New decades. What does this mean to Life?

We often here the colloquial term,'once in a blue moon,' yes and we know it means something rarely happening, a rare event, once in awhile, not often. How does this relate to a moon? A blue moon is said to occur when there are two full moons in one calendar month. This occurance is rare, so the term, once in a blue moon.

1. Are there blue moons in your life and work?
2. What do you do, how do you respond when faced with a blue moon or rare event?
3. A Full moon can light up the world on a clear night, not so when it is cloudy and dull. Are your rare events illuminating or dulling?
4. How can you take advantage of rare events in your life?
5. How can you help them light our way?

This New Year's eve will be unique in several ways; a Blue Moon will welcome in a new decade. How will you start your new year in a unique way? What is your Blue Moon?

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! To all you Blue Moons, may they be clear and illuminating!

Coach Phyllis

A New Decade, Are You Ready? Life Coaching Questions and Life Coaching Activities For The Next Decade

Coach Phyllis

In three days we will be entering a new decade. Are you ready? The beginning of anything new allows us to reflect on the old, not just for reflection purposes but to find out what we learned and what we might want to change.

What did you learn in the last decade? What changed in how you work and live? Our answers may all be the same in some areas. I learned to ‘Google,’ ‘Ping’ use an iphone, Skype. Activities and knowledge that came about in the past decade.

I can now have my children visit me from any corner of the world, through Skype; library amounts of information are at my finger tips. What a decade! What’s next for our world? What’s next for you?

Life Coaching Questions and Life Coaching Activities as you take on the next ten years.

1. How many decades have you lived?
2. How old will you be in Twenty-Twenty (2020)?
3. What have you achieved/accomplished in the last decade? List them.
4 What have been your accomplishments in each decade of your life? List them.
5. What do you want to achieve in this decade? Make a list on paper.
6. What parts of life and work do you want to continue to build?
7. How will your life look in 2020? (That should be the decade of clarity and farsightedness!)
8. How do you create some of that 20/20 in this decade? What can you do to help you see your life more clearly?
9. List at least one goal or task or project for each of the coming ten years. One a year.
10.Create a step by step plan. It is your life.

Make 2010 your decade!

Coach Phyllis

Monday, December 21, 2009

Life Coaching Activities for Dealing With The Stress and Pressures of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Christmas, Holiday Season

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Yes, we hear it everywhere, in song and advertising, over and over again we are told it is the 'most wonderful time of the year.' For some of us that may be true and then for the rest of us we think we have to make it the most wonderful time of the year...whatever that means.

It's a phrase that can cause much stress for many. 'Most wonderful time,' can bring with it the stress of the perfect gift, the perfect dinner, the perfect decorations, perfect, perfect. No one and no one thing is perfect.

This Christmas or holiday season, which ever term you use, make sure that the 'perfect' doesn't overwhelm.

Try these Life Coaching activies to try to bring the 'perfect state' of relaxation to you and family.

Activity One:
Right up front designate time for you and your family. Make sure there is down time from the hustle and bustle. Set aside time for board games and favorite family movies. No favorite movie,well now is a good time to start.

Activity Two:
No one is perfect,repeat this to yourself. You may need to hear this when cookies burn or lights fail to light. Try to go with the flow. Take a deep breath and repeat. No one is perfect.

Activity Three:
Get a little help from a friend, a grocery store. We are filled with the image of the perfect homemade cookies, cakes, pies. Remember Great-Grandma didn't work outside the house. Get a little help, try semi-homemade or store bought cookies and cakes. Santa won't know the difference.

The most importnat thing this season is to have relaxing time for you and your family, however that looks to you.

Enjoy and have a safe one.

Coach Phyllis

Next article on New Year's Resolutions

Top Ten New Year's Resolutions. What Fits My Life? Life Coaching Activities?

What's Your New Year's resolution? Wow, how often will you be asked that question over the next week? Have an answer? Where are you in your life?

The follwing list shows some of the popular areas that people focus on for their New Year's resolution. Remember that the change you want to make should fit your life.

Do you need to make any of the following changes? Chose One that's right for you. Don't get overwhelmed, take it one step at a time.

1. Quit smoking
2. Lose weight
3. Save money
4. Get organized
5. Start working out
6. Eat healty foods
7. Relax more
8. Reduce work stress
9. Spend more time wiith family
10.Balance work and life

Note: research shows that whichever change you want to make, your chances of success increase with planning.I always like to say, Plan, plan plan and persist!

All the best in the New Year. Check out my Life Coaching Clubs.

Coach Phyllis