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Monday, August 30, 2010

Parents, Want Your Child to be Successful in School? Life Coaching Activities

Phylis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Parents, Want Your Child to be Successful in School? Life Coaching Activities to Increase Physical and Mental Energy

The first day of school is just days away. How ready are you?

School supplies are purchased; new clothes are hanging in the closet; information has been downloaded from the school website.

What else do you need to know or recall?

The importance of your child’s physical and mental energy to school success.

Success in school depends to a large degree on just how ready your child is each and every day to be able to concentrate and comprehend the new information that is presented in at least five different areas of knowledge. Think of that. One class finishes and another begins. They need to change gears in thinking and processing.

This takes both physical and mental energy.

Here are a few life coaching activities that I used as a parent of four and with my clients as a life coach. Please use and share them.

I call it my SEA Plan…….Sleep….Eat…….Action


1. Sleep is essential to maintaining both physical and mental energies. As the summer comes to an end it is sometimes difficult to get back into the school routine of early to bed. You might want to start now to adjust bedtime. Each night between now and the first school night move your child’s bed time 15 minutes ahead until you achieve the desired time.


2. You are what you eat so make sure your child’s meals give him/her the needed energy. Choose foods that are healthy and natural. Take time before school begins to sit with your son/daughter and create a weekly menu; this will reduce your work load and help avoid reaching for less healthy foods and snacks. Grocery shop together. Discuss the ingredients and benefits of certain snacks and then decide on the healthy ones.


3. Activity is key to physical and mental energy. Remember at the end of the day that your child for the most part has been physically inactive for about 5 hours. Make sure your daughter/son has physical activity after school and before starting homework. Activity appropriate for their age group. If you have the time go for a walk or hike with them. This also gives you a chance for one on one talk.

Enjoy your child's school year! If you have any questions or would like more tips please contact me.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Is it Back to School Time Already? Life Coaching Acivities to Help Survive the First Week.

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Is it really that time of year again! Where did the summer go?

These are the questions I heard two Moms ask at a local mall this week. In fact the question seems to be everywhere.

You know for most parents and students this is not a new event, but it seems that whether this is a first child attending school or a returning student, it creeps up on us and can bring with it worry and angst.

I would like to offer you some helpful Life Coaching Activities that I as a parent of four have used and which I share with my clients. Hope they help.

1. Work Space
Getting a good start in the new school year can increase your child's school success. Work with them to set up or create a space in their room or somewhere else in the house that is designated solely as their study/homework space.

2. Organization
Organize this special study space so that your child has all the necessary supplies to accomplish projects and homework.

3. Planner
Planning is essential to school success, so make sure your son/daughter has a calendar/day planner. There are many to choose from. Make sure it fits the school year.

4. School Supplies
Most schools provide a list of school supplies needed so check out your school's website and get out to your local stores. Comparative shop, you might find some good deals. Make sure to pick up extras to avoid having to leave the house in search of computer paper on a cold wet fall night.

5. Lunches/Snacks
Your child's physical and mental energy is another key to their academic success. Together with your child make a plan for healthy lunches and snacks. This gives you the opportunity to discuss good eating practices and also create lunch menus.

6. Positive Attitude
You are the most influential person in your child's life so it is most important that your child hears you speak in a positive way about school and education.

7. Great Self Concept
As your daughter/son begins another school year, help them feel the best they can feel about themselves. Little compliments and daily praise go a long way.

Enjoy your child! Enjoy the school year!

If you would like more information on Life Coaching Activities re back to school please contact me: Inc 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Need to get Motivated? Life Coaching Activity to Motivate

Life Coaching Activity
Phyllis Reardon

Ok it's the hazy-lazy days of summer or is that daze of summer?

Where is the project you set out to complete? You know the one. The one that was on your New Year's Resolution list...the one that you re-activated the 1st day of Spring. But where is it now?

You have four(4) and a half(1/2) months; approximately 135 days left in 2010 to complete that project. Lots of time.

Here is a Life Coaching Activity to help you be successful.

1. Visualize your goal.

Get that picture clear in our mind again. Post or display a symbol, note or picture of what you want achieve. Having this in front of you regularly, acts as a constant reminder. It keeps you Focused.

2. Act As IF.

Act as if you have already completed the project. Speak as if it is already complete. I feel great at 125 lbs. or Isn't this sunroom a great place to relax. or My newly published book is selling like hotcakes.

3.Take Action.

Take the very 1st step necessary to move you toward the completion of your goal. Do it now!

4. Be Accountable.

Set dates for actions to be completed. Hold yourself to these dates. Get a trusted friend or family member to check on you to see you are meeting these deadlines.

5.Persist. Persist. Persist.

This can be difficult but you can do it. Stay with it.

Coach Phyllis