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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Want to Make Spring Changes in Life? Life Coaching Activities

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

" The real act of discovery lies not in finding new lands, but in seeing with a new set of eyes." Proust

Spring has arrived and for most of us it brings a time for new adventures and activities. We will check to see what new programs are being offered at our gym or local fitness center; we will update our wardrobe; do spring cleaning; purchase new colorful plants.

It is a time of new beginnings and reenergizing.

Many of us may try to new projects for the coming months. To Proust, the real act of finding something new lay right in our very environment. To him it was seeing with a new set of eyes.

How do we see with a new set of eyes?
How can we view our life from a different perspective?

1.How can you see yourself with a new set of eyes?

2 Look at yourself as if from the eyes of another. Anything there need to be changed?

3. Note how you speak or address others. Need to update your language?

4. Note what you eat. Is it healthy?

5. Are you truly honest with yourself about what you see?

6. How can you come to see work and your workplace with a new set of eyes?

7. What discoveries can you make about your workplace?

8. What opportunities exist for you at work?

9. What opportunities can you create at work?

10. If you have your own business, how can you start to see new opportunities or ventures?

11. Suspend old thoughts and ideas and pretend to be starting your business from scratch.
What do you discover?

Sometimes the new we need in our life is in clear view, while we are searching in the distance.

Reassess what you have. Use a new perspective for viewing. Make the change.

Have a great day.

Coach Phyllis

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life Coaching Activities E Book

Phyllis Reardon M.Ed.
Life Coach

Would You Like a Life Coaching Activities E Book?

As I am finalizing my Life Coaching Activities E-Book several words keep flowing through.

Among them are:

Success, future, focus, change, action, ongoing, desired self.

Over the next week, as you go about your life, reflect on these words and see what they mean in your life and work.

Words and Life/Work

Are these words a part of your thoughts and concepts?

1. Are some words more powerful than others?

2. Which of these words mean more to you?

3. What makes them more meaningful?

4. Which words apply solely to work?

5. Which words apply to life?

Focus, Attend. Note your Words

Have a great day!

Coach Phyllis

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Coaching Activities -What is Luck? Irish Luck or Hard Work - St. Patrick's Day

What is Luck?

Tomorrow, March 17th, is the day we celebrate St.Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

This is a day that is close to my heart; my late Mom's birthday; the name of my childhood school and parish. My Irish roots began in the new world in the late 1850s, so I still feel a little connection to Ireland.

Do I have the luck of the Irish? Do I believe in luck? I've got to ask,what is luck?

Mark Twain is quoted as saying; "the harder I work the luckier I get."

I read somewhere that Luck happens when Preparation and Opportunity intersect.

I don't believe in Luck. I believe to achieve and be successful we have to work extremely hard and do great planning. This applies to all aspects of our life and work.

Nothing comes easy. We can't count on the luck of the Irish, even if we are Irish.

I always find it interesting that in our society when someone succeeds in life or work, others comment on how 'lucky' that person is.

Sam Walton, in talking about his Walmart empire said, it was an over night success that was 20 years in the making. For him it was hard work and good planning.

Think about this.

How many of you had or have a rabbit's paw to bring you good luck? It didn't bring much luck to that little rabbit, did it?

Don't depend on luck.

If you want the goods things in life you and only you can make it happen!!

Plan, plan and persist.

That's the key to your success. There is no magic or leprechauns involved.

If you feel like it, wear something green tomorrow. You can even greet people with an Irish brogue, But don't count on Luck of the Irish for you success.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Coach Phyllis

Monday, March 15, 2010

Life Coaching Activities College Success - Your Future View of Self -- Parents and College

Did you know that the more clearly defined a picture you have of yourself in the future the more likely you are to reach it?

This picture of yourself could be called your possible self, the person you want to be. But pictures are not enough, goals must be set and actions taken to be successful.

Your Future View Activity

Create a picture of yourself by asking where you want to be in 5 years.

1.What does it look like?

2. What diploma or degree is hanging on your wall?

3.Where are you working?

4.Where are you living?

5.What is your salary?

6.What car are you driving?

7. Now make a list of the necessary actions steps to reach this desired self.

To reach this desired for Self, you will need to plan.

Now that you have that picture of yourself the next step is to describe the steps to get there.

What is the very first thing you must do?

Goal One___________________________

Action Steps for Goal One
Action 1________________________
Action 2_________________________
Action 3 ________________________
Continue this for Goal Two, Goal Three, Goal Four
State your Goal and define the Action Steps necessary to reach each goal.
Right now planning is crucial. Planning will continue to play an important role in your College Success.
Plan, Plan and Persist!
Future View of Self College Success

Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Coaching Activities Monday Work

It's Monday.

How did you begin your day?

Recent research shows that 55% of workers are unhappy in the workplace. This may or may not be surprising to you. So how did you begin your day?

What were your thouhts about work?

Did you think or say, 'I got to go to work.' While possibly a true statement, it can set up negative thoughts and then feelings about going to work.

It can create a negative attitude toward the place you spend over 40 hours a week. Think about that. One quarter of your life right away is negative.

Try This

1. Find at least one positive at work each day.
2. Make sure to compliment one person at work each day.
3. When you are feeling not so positive SMILE...keep that smile on your face until you feel the negative rush out and the positive flow in.

For more Life Coaching Tips on this topic and others, checkout my Articles @
Have a great week!

Coach Phyllis

Friday, March 5, 2010

Life Coaching Activities for Relaxing Me Time Weekend Activities

It's Friday. What have you planned for the weekend?

It's been a busy week of work and living, now the weekend is here.

How do you plan to use your 50+ hours?

Down time is extremely important but difficult to get when we live such busy lives.

Saturday and Sunday could be filled with dance lessons, hockey games, house cleaning, homework projects and on and on. Make sure you schedule in some Me Time. This is necessary if you are going to maitain your energy as worker and parent.

Life Coaching Tips

1.Write down your weekend activities
3.Get the least enjoyable ones out of the way early
4.Leave Sunday night for complete relaxation
5.Be sure to do something nice for you on the weekend

Have a great weekend,

Coach Phyllis

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life Coaching Activities Self Esteem Self Concept Building

The right quote can sometimes make our day. Here are some life quotes that I use when needed. Make them yours.

Copy in large print and post on office wall or common area at work. Everyone likes a good quote, it just might make someone's day.

At home place them on the kitchen fridge or child's bedroom door to create discussion about motivation and their future.

Failure is not an option.

Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur

Do or do not; there is no TRY.
Yoda Star Wars

Have a great day! Try a smile, it warms the inside.

Coach Phyllis