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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Phyllis Reardon
Life Coach

How do you go through life?

Do you bounce from one project to another?

Do you do fly-bys with family and friends?

I am presently reading a book by Jim Loehr, The Power of Full Engagement, Loehr places much emphasis on managing energy, not time, in our lives and living. As I read I began to formualte life coaching questions that may help you focus on your own energy and its role in bettering your life.

How do you go through life?

Do you bounce for one project to another?

Do you do fly-bys with family and friends?

Is eating your meals seen as an necessary evil?

Think about it.

What is it to focus your energy?
To be fully engaged?

You have heard before that your energy flows where your attention goes. Well doesn't it make sense that if we want to be successful in some aspect of our life that if we focus our attention on this area....give it full attention, then our energy will be there to achieve and be successful.

Yes, of course, you may say, however,there is a BUT and this is a big but. You must have the Energy supply for it to flow to where you attention is; infact you will need the energy supply to keep the focus.

What is your Energy level?

If that could be determined like bars in a cell phone battery, just how many bars would you have?

How do you determine your energy level?

How much energy do you personally need to get through a work day?

How much energy is left for Family at the end of that day?

Can you store your energy?

How do you determine your physical and mental energy?

Our physical energy is key to our mental energy and success in life.Physical energy depends on three basic things.

1. food intake(diet)
2. exercise (appropriate)
3. sleep

Food-movement-sleep,basic but essential.

If either of these three don't exist for you at proper levels your energy will not be available for full engagement in work and life.

Check your energy. How Engaged are you?

For more information on this topic or for individual or group life coaching please contact me.

Have a great day,

Coach Phyllis

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Stress Does Life Sometimes Feel Like the Olympics?

New Life Coaching Business Inc.

Most elite athletes have a professional coach to help them with continuous skill development, no matter how great they are, coaching is continuous. For the most of us however, in this fast paced world, it is the busy day to day living that challenges us most, not the golf course or the tennis court.

Life Coaching and life coaches are becoming a popular option for busy people who desire more from life and/or for those wishing to or having to make changes in an area of life or work. Life coaching is a goal setting, action oriented process directed toward achieving success for individuals or small business. Inc. a relatively new company in Newfoundland and Labrador, owned by Phyllis Reardon, offers tele life coaching sessions to clients throughout North America. According to Coach Phyllis,
“Most people know what they want, but many times don’t know how to achieve it, this is where a life coach can help.”

Success workshops especially designed for women and parents are another product developed and offered by Inc.

“Parents are key to the success of their children, and planning is key to that success.” Coach Phyllis.

Along with developing a client base over the past 2 years, Phyllis has also published life coaching articles in two books in the USA, How To Go To College On a Shoestring and, How to Change Your Career and Do The Work You Really Love, Atlantic Publishing Inc.

Contact:Phyllis Reardon, BA.( Ed.); M.Ed. Inc Copyright 2008
Life Coach

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life Coaching Activities for Women at Work. Lower Stress and Live Longer. Work Is At the Heart of Stress. Be Your Own Valentine

Work Is At the Heart of Stress.

This is day one of February,the month that is chosen by heart and stroke organizations to highlight the degree of cardio vascular disease, especially among women. Most articles and advice focus on healthy diet and exercise, all most important. As a women coming from a family with a history of heart disease, my Mom had her first heart attack at 62 and a fatal one at age 70, I have had to be very cautious my whole life with choices I make that may negatively impact my health, so yes, eating properly and staying active are key.

There is another extremely important factor that I think is missed by some in the medical community, as it is not dircetly related to the "body," not seen as physical or biological and that is how we think and see the world. Our thought processes and perceptions can greatly influence the levels of our stress thus having impact on increasing or decreasing heart disease.

Eating well and exercising are key, but so is down time. Time to stop your thoughts, be quite, relax, breath deeply, take time out, meditate.

Life Coaching Activities to Reduce Life Work Stress

1. Repeat this: I have full control. It is up to me. No one else is to blame for my stress.

2. On a piece of paper note daily/weekly activities(work, family, you time). Note how much time is set aside for you.

3. Now note how you use this You Time. Are you relaxing your body and mind? Are you having quite time for you? Are you lowering stress? Are you relaxing?

4. If you don't take the You Time you will deplete your energy stocks and become stressed. Think about your cell phone many bars do you have??

5. Stress is a killer. Lower your stress, lessen your risk of heart disease.

As we begin this month of Love, make a promise to your own heart that you will be true to it and protect it. Begin each day with a peaceful thought. Make your heart your very own Valentine.

Your heart will love you for it!

Have a great day,
Coach Phyllis