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Friday, July 30, 2010

Life Coaching Activities Life's Energy Supply

We are well into summer, have you had time to renew your personal Energy Supply?

Just last week as I was travelling on our local highway I saw a young man whose car had run out of fuel. I couldn't help thinking about the reasons this happened.

Did he not have enough money to purchase petro?
Did he not no the distance he was travelling?
Did he have a broken gas gauge?
Whatever the reason, this young man was not able to continue on his way and had to seek help from others. A great inconvenience at least and possibly a great hardship to himself or others.

Personal Energy

This lack of an energy source can happen to us also,leaving us stranded on life's highway.It has been said that the greatest contributor to procrastination and lack of motivation is lack of physical and mental energy.

I think sometimes we underestimate the role that both physical and mental energy play in our life and work. We are extremely diligent in topping up the energy/fuel in our cars; our laptop batteries; cell phones etc. We can't function without them and we know just how essential it is to up their energy levels.Our Personal Energy is just as vital to our full functioning.

I am including a few questions that I use personally, and with my clients to keep the importance of Personal Energy in perspective. Hope you find them helpful.

1. How do you restore your physical and mental energy?
2. Are you getting a full nights sleep?
3. Are you eating nutritious meals?
4. Are you exercising several times a week?
5. Do you have a Personal Energy Supply Plan?

If you would like more information on designing your Personal Energy Plan, please contact me

Have a great day and do one little thing to energize!

Coach Phyllis